iPod 4th gen repairs

iPod 4th generation was originally released in July 2004, It had a 12 hour battery life and adopted the clickwheel interface. The iPod 4th generation can in white original shipped in20gb and 40gb variants. The iPod 4th gen had an impressive (at the time) 12 hour battery life.

The iPod 4th generation was updated pretty soon after it's original launch to include a colour screen, improved battery life and large capacity hard drive options. This variant of the iPod 4th generation was called the iPod photo by Apple but is more commonly know as the iPod 4th generation. 30gb, 40gb & 60gb Hard drive capacities we offered for the iPod photo or iPod 4th generation (photo).

The iPod was updated again in 2005, this time dubbed as the iPod Color but still known to everyone outside of Apple as the iPod 4th generation. 20gb & 60gb variants of the iPod colour or iPod 4th generation (color) were available.

The most common iPod 4th gen faults we see include, iPod 4th gen battery life poor, iPod 4th gen screen cracked & iPod 4th gen headphone jack only playing through one ear. See a full list of the repairs we offer below, if your fault is not listed please feel free to contact us.

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