How to restore emails from trash on iPad

Accidentally deleted an email and want to get it back? Using the built-in Mail app on your iPad? Look no further.

  1. open the mail app

    image of home sreen
    Tap the mail icon
  2. use the back buttons in the top right to navigate to your main mailbox

    image of mail app
    Tap the mailboxes button in the top left
  3. click on the trash folder

    image showing home screen of mail app on iPad
    Tap on the trash folder
  4. here you should be able to see the email(s) you accidently deleted
  5. tap edit

    image of something uninteresting.
    Tap edit
  6. tap the circle next to the email(s) you accidently deleted

    Image of mail app for ipad iOS interface
    Select the emails you wish to restore.
  7. tap move

    image of mail app iOS ipad interface
    Select move and then select inbox
  8. select inbox

your emails will now be back in their rightful place.

Pro tip: if you have accidentally deleted a single email, shake your phone straight after and this will undo the action returning you email without having to go through all of the steps outlined above.

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