Advice on buying a used iPhone

Here are our top tips for making sure you are safe and getting a good deal when buying used iPhones.

Functional checks: Necessities to check if you want the phone to work

  1. Check the IMEI on the back of the phone matches the IMEI in Settings > General > About
  2. Check that the liquid damage sensors have not been set off
  3. Test everything (article on this coming soon)
  4. Check that find my iPhone is off
  5. Check the unit is not blacklisted – most retailers use a service called checkmend but there is also a free check available through 
  6. Check whether the device is unlocked or locked

Other considerations: For additional peace of mind

  1. Battery life might not be as good as if you were to buy new
  2. Check the condition
  3. What accessories are included
  4. What is the storage capacity – Will this be enough space?
  5. Software versions available – does it take the latest software versions? Some older iPhones are not compatible with the version of iOS.
  6. Apple warranty – is it out of warranty, refurb or in warranty.
  7. Does the seller provide any form of warranty?

Words of warning

  1. If buying online never pay by bank transfer – use something like PayPal which offers buyer protection.
  2. If you are buying in person and paying cash, make sure you get the sellers name and address in case the device gets blocked or goes wrong.
  3. If buying online is it insured against loss or damage in the post?

Safest Option

  1. buy from a reputable retailer like these lovely guys: 😉

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