How to take a screen shot on Mac

If you are used to taking screenshots on windows then the first time you come to do it on a Mac you might be a little confused as most macs are missing the print screen key and even if you do have a print screen key it will not work.

It is actually really simple and offers a lot of flexibility.

I’ve listed differing methods in order of complexity below (if you are just after keyboard shortcuts feel free to skip ahead to point 2):

1. Grab

Grab is the built in app in OS X for creating screen grabs, it gives you all the options you get with the keyboard shortcuts below with none of the hassle of remembering those pesky keyboard shortcuts.

Simply open grab, by clicking on spotlight in the top right (the magnifying glass) and search for grab.

Once grab has loaded you will notice your top bar has changed to the grab app, from here you can select the capture menu and pick the option which best suits.

Grab of capture menu in Grab
Grab – OS X builtin screen grabber

Once you have taken your screen grab you will be presented with window on screen showing your results from here you can use the edit menu to copy it elsewhere or the file menu to save.

2. Keyboard shortcuts.

If you need to take screen shots of a similar type regularly, it’s definitely worth memorising the most appropriate keyboard shortcut.

Here’s the run down:

cmd ⌘ + shift + 3 – captures the whole screen and saves to the desktop ready for you to share.

cmd ⌘ + shift + 4 – Captures a selection and saves it to the desktop.

cmd ⌘ + shift + 4 – then press space – Captures a particular window and saves it to the desktop.

cmd ⌘ + ctrl + shift + 3 – captures the whole screen and copies it ready for your to paste it into whatever application your heart desires.

cmd ⌘ + ctrl + Shift + 4 – Captures a selection and copies it.

cmd ⌘ + Ctrl + shift + 4 – then press space – Captures a particular window and copies it.

I hope this article has been useful to you, if it has let us know in the comments.

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