How to check if an iPhone has ‘Find My iPhone’ switched on

image showing Check activation lock status

Whether you are selling your device, buying a used one our, or just want to restore your current one but cannot remember your credentials, it is a wise idea to check whether the device has Find My iPhone switched on.

If the device does have Find My iPhone switched on. When you carry out a factory reset to the device you will be prompted for the AppleID and password that were last used to activate find my iPhone. This is a useful security feature to prevent lost or stolen phones from being sold on.

Thankfully Apple have released a great tool that allows you to check before you buy/sell/restore a device.

  1. Simply find the IMEI or serial numeber off the back of your device or in Settings > General > About
  2. Enter this into:
  3. You will be presented with a results page that tells you whether find my iPhone is activated

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Author: James Pink - Founder and Director

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