Forgotten passcode, iPhone disabled: Here is how to get back up and running

Forgotten Password, iPhone disabled- help!

Unfortunately, without waiting the stated time displayed on screen, the only way to unlock is to wipe your device by means of a restore. You will need a USB Lead suitable for your device and a computer running the latest version of iTunes.

If you have your device backed up to the iCloud, you should be able to re-download your data once the restore has been carried out. You can check the date of your last iCloud back up by checking out our article here.

Alternatively, if you back up your device to iTunes check our article here to locate your latest backup.

Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone is an app that allows you to locate your device if it has been lost or stolen. If you have ‘find my iPhone’ switched on, it will not let you restore your device without your AppleID and password. So it is important to perform the following checks before performing a restore.

• You can check if you have ‘find my iPhone’ switched on by entering your IMIE here:

• If ‘find my iPhone’ is switched on double check that you know your AppleID and password by logging into your account at

To Restore your iPhone

  1. Hold power and home button for 10-20 seconds
  2. When the screen goes blank the device is restarting. Release the power button and as the apple logo appears, continue to hold the home button. You should then be presented with an iTunes logo like this.

    image of iPhone recovery mode connect to iTunes
    iPhone recovery mode
  3. Connect your device to itunes.
  4. Select the restore button on screen and wait.
  5. Once the restore is complete you can set the device up like new and you are back in business. If you would like to restore from an icloud or itunes backup please see our articles about that here and here.

Apple Repairs for Business – Did you know we offer discounts and credit for Trade Customers and Local Businesses

I often get asked if we offer discounts, credit or call outs for local businesses and organisations requiring repairs to their Mac’s, iPhone’s or iPad’s. The answer is a hearty YES!

For trade / business customers we offer the following benefits:

  • 5% standard discount (Further discounts available for larger quantities).
  • 7 Days credit from invoice date.
  • Free callout and/or drop off and collection within NG1.

We are the reliable source for aftermarket Apple repairs using only the best quality parts available and highly trained engineers. Our quality control procedures are unrivalled and we offer a 3 month warranty on all repairs for additional piece of mind.

If you have a number of Apple devices in your organisation that require servicing, please do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss your needs at [email protected]

Use the best, forget the rest! REPAIR DON’T REPLACE!


How to Block Popups on iPhone: using iOS built in popup blocker

If you are being hassled by pop-up ads on the iPhone, you can block them completely by following the instructions below:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select safari
  3. Scroll down to ‘general’ then toggle the ‘block pop-ups’ setting to the on position

Voila! No more nasty pop-ups.

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How to get rid of annoying popups virus on iPhone

Popup viruses on the iPhone: how to get rid! 

Popups on the iPhone are becoming more and more of a problem. You may have been presented with a popup that suggested you had won a prize, your credit card info was at risk or that your iPhone was infected with virus/malware/adware or hacked. The dialogs often only have an ‘OK’ button in order to trick you into tapping it. If you are unfortunate enough to click ‘ok’ then you may find that you are constantly hassled by further pop-ups, regardless of what webpage you are on, often requesting that you call a number in order to remove them or stating that your device is at risk.

If you have been presented with a popup do not click ‘ok’! Please read this article for advice.

Oops, I pressed ‘ok’: What to do if you have already pressed ok?

Key point: DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER. Often these numbers will be premium rate numbers or they will try to get you to give your card details over the phone.

  1. Turn your device on and off, this should get rid of any dialogs which are currently being displayed.
  2. Go to Settings > Safari > Clear Browsing History.

This should fix the issue, but if for whatever reason it persists then you need to do the following:

  1. Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings (this will reset your settings, such as background, ringtone, passcode. But will not affect your data)
  2. Read our article on Safari’s built in popup blocker to prevent the same thing happening again in the future.

Let us know if this article helped you. If you have any screenshots of the popups you have encountered, then please send them in as we would like to feature as many different examples on this page as possible.


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How to get rid of an iPhone popup when the only option is ‘ok’

What to do if you get a popup on the iPhone and the only option is to press ok?

If you are presented with a popup on your iPhone claiming that you have won a prize or that your iPhone is at risk with no option but to press ‘ok’: do not press ok!  This could lead to a barrage of further pop-ups. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Press the home button twice and swipe up to quit Safari, Facebook or whatever app the popup appeared in.

This should fix the issue, you will be ok to re-open the app and carry on as normal. However if this method does not fix the issue follow the next steps below.

  1. Switch your device off and on again.
  2. Follow the steps in our article on Safari’s popup blocker to avoid further popups.

If you find you are affected by a constant barrage of popups then check out our other article.

Did this article help you? Let us know in the comments, also if you have screen shots of the popup that appeared on your device then please send it in, as we are interested to see how many variations there are out there.


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